Microbe-Lift / Hog 1 Gallon


Microbe-Lift / Hog 1 Gallon

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Specially formulated for manure pits over slatted floors, outdoor manure lagoons and vertical holding tanks. Non-GMO, non-pathogenic, highly active culture and enzyme formulation designed to liquefy, activate and enhance manure value and create bio-active manure slurry beneficial to all plants and crops.                           

• Novel biological formulation
• Reduces surface & bottom solids
• Provides a consistent manure slurry from first load to last load
• Reduces manure mixing at time of removal
• Reduces odor in the barn and on application
• Reduces odorous pest attractant
• Improves manure value & controls nutrients loss once applied
• Fixes nitrogen, controls runoff
• Increases root zone activity & crop yield
• Dual treatment value, pit & crop benefits


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