FUZE Feed Pans


FUZE Feed Pans

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The FUZE Pro Line pan feeding system regularly outperforms other poultry feeders in feed trials. Its 6 pan/grill combinations let you choose the one that is best suited for your application. The FUZE floods evenly for easy bird access to feed, swings open for quick cleaning, and is made of a stronger, lighter plastic to make poultry feeding a snap. Features for all FUZE Pro Line Feeding Systems:

* Three large feed windows for automatic and even pan flooding with feed
* Grill and pan form a large feed saving lip to minimize feed spillage and waste.

  • Accurate feed level adjustments are quickly made from outside the pan
  • Deep center feeding “V” bottom nestles down into the litter to promote easier chick access when brooding and overall feed savings
  • Increased material thickness added to the pans in the “scratch” areas to improve pan life
  • Anti-rake fins reduce billing and feed wastage
  • Constructed with engineered polymer resins to resist wear and reduce the harboring of bacteria
  • Two-piece top for ease of installation/replacement or one piece tower for additional rigidity and strength
  • A pan/grill hinge and lock that securely locks pan to grill and provides for easy cleaning between flocks
  • A mechanical switch control pan which provides high reliability and ease of maintenance

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13" 14-Spoke Fuze Pan Standard Assy., 14" 14-Spoke Fuze Pan Standard, Valco Pan Feeder f/ Under Hen Trough


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