18″ Direct Aire Plus+ Stir Fan


18″ Direct Aire Plus+ Stir Fan

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The DirectAire+ improves cubic feet per minute (CFM) by up to 15% and has a high-quality rotor motor. This results in less condensation, drier litter and improved health for the birds.
Improved ventilation from the DirectAire+ Stir Fans creates a healthy poultry house environment. Well-ventilated houses have lower levels of bacteria, moisture and ammonia, which impact litter quality. Moisture and bacteria can lead to increased infections. Well-designed ventilation systems also support productivity by capturing warm air at the ceiling and mixing it before it reaches the birds directly, reducing stress and moisture content in the litter during cooler temperatures.

Low CFM at 0.1 SP: 1970
High CFM at 0.1 SP: 2280

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