Phason Supra Touch Control


Phason Supra Touch Control

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Introducing the Supra Touch Series

Supra Touch brings a wealth of new features that make it more powerful and more versatile.

Advanced but easy to use

Supra Touch has an uncomplicated, intuitive icon-based display paired with a 5-inch touchscreen, making it quick and easy to navigate and program. It also reduces the time it takes to train new staff.

VentGrid™ merged ventilation

In addition to traditional staged control, Supra Touch offers VentGrid merged ventilation. Merged mode provides optimized ventilation control with smoother transitions than traditional staged mode does.

More than just temperature

Supra Touch can monitor humidity, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and more. It can then use those conditions to influence how it controls equipment. For example, if the humidity is too high, it can switch heaters on or increase ventilation to reduce it.


Programming options
Automatic temperature control
Independent control zones 4
Staged ventilation mode
VentGrid™ merged ventilation mode
Manual override mode
Growth curves 4
Minimum ventilation curves 4
Secondary modifiers
Settings groups
Relay stagger for startup load
Sensor inputs
Phason 3K Series temperature inputs 5
Outdoor temperature
Phason Relative Humidity Sensor
DOL 114 temperature and humidity
DOL 16 light
DOL 119 carbon dioxide (CO2)
DOL 53 ammonia (NH3)
Pulse counter


Outputs (variable stages and relays)
Variable AC stages 4
0 to 10 V DC signal outputs 4
General-purpose relays 12
Alarm relay
Variable and relay configuration options
Variable cooling and heating
Relay cooling and heating
Duty cycle
Actuator / inlet
Curtain machine / winch
Air curtains
VFD control
Scrolling status screen
Updatable firmware
Transferable settings
Hourly and daily logs
NEMA 4X enclosure
CSA approval
2-year warranty