NXB 20-Hole Center Belt Nest


NXB 20-Hole Center Belt Nest

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Single hole laying nest designed for the next breed of breeder hens.

The NXB is a single hole laying nest designed with both productivity and compatibility in mind. Produced for the next breed of breeder hens, this system features complete coverage for the eggs, removable sections for ease of use, and various optional additions to maximize your systems abilities.

Important Advantages

  • Single hole laying nest with 10, 9 or 8 nest holes per section side (length of a section is 8’ or 2,438 mm)
  • Plastic or woven belts are available
  • Full nest width egg shields
  • Complete coverage of the egg belt keeps eggs hidden
  • Nest floor and the substructure below the egg belt consists of corrosion-proof zinc aluminum coated wire grate
  • Nest bottom is covered with a perforated nest insert which is easy to install, or taken out for easy cleaning
  • Removable sheet metal covers allow the producer easy access to the egg belt for inspection
  • Centrally activated closure rods can be lowered at night to prevent hens from sleeping in the nest and aid in keeping the nests clean
  • Central suspension system can be winched for servicing between batches


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