24 X 24 Premier Nursery Slat (Green)


24 X 24 Premier Nursery Slat (Green)

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Double L’s Premier Nursery Floor is a heavy-duty slat engineered for deep hog pit buildings. Its bright lime green color is for easy scour detection and cleaning. Made of rugged virgin, polypropylene plastic material, the premier nursery floor slat has a warm surface that does not rob pigs of their body heat and reduces chilling and stress on your pigs. The premier nursery floor’s solid plastic construction is rust & corrosion proof and resists bacteria build-up, shedding waste easily.

Its prime gap location is great for efficient beam support cleaning. Its 24″ x 24″ design requires fewer fiberglass support beams than the 18″ x 24″ competition, which in turn also reduces the cost of installation and quantity of flooring needed – paired with Double L’s 5″ PermaBeam, which is the strongest fiberglass beam on the market. The scientifically engineered PermaBeam fiberglass beam is designed for strength and durability with materials that do not harbor illness-causing bacteria harmful to animal’s health. High/low superior traction bars and reinforced deep cross ribs enhances the slat’s strength. It also has a heavy-duty design with impact resistance. It also easily snaps together for fast and easy assembly – no special tools required. Its reversible interlocking panels make installation even easier. High/low superior traction bars provide excellent traction for pigs and reinforced deep cross ribs enhance strength. Solid plastic construction resists bacteria build up and sheds waste easily. Pressure washing easily removes manure between slats.

Flooring bars run perpendicular for more durability and strength allowing for easy access to support beams for cleaning. Slot openings promote better cleaning and filtration, which protect animal from illness-causing bacteria. Reliable interlocking feature allows for easier and faster installation.


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