2X5 Sani-Slat XL Black HDPE


2X5 Sani-Slat XL Black HDPE

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The Sani-Slat flooring system is manufactured of high quality 100% virgin plastic materials produced in the USA.

They can be used to replace wood slats in both layer and breeder houses, and they offer a longer life than other slats. Another important feature in the design is the layers/breeders have a comfortable footing due to the smoothed edges which means a reduction of foot problems and breast blisters.

The Sani-Slat XL is larger (12 inches wider) than the original Sani-Slat, but only requires 16 screws per slat. It’s faster, easier, and less expensive to install. This new design allows better stacking for reduced shipping costs, while also offering exceptional strength and rigidity. And, it’s still just as great for hygiene!

Additional Information:

  • The overlapping tabs are designed for easy assembly for either wood or metal support systems. Due to the special design of this slat, it requires fewer screws to be used during assembly. This means you will save both on installation time and cost.
  • The Sani Slat should be stored out of direct sunlight, which can shorten the life of the product.
  • Leave stretch wrap on pallets until you are ready to install them.
  • Exposure to outside elements for extended periods of time may also cause damage to the product and void warranties.
  • Exposure to extreme heat or cold will cause the plastic to expand and contract. Be sure to place in the building with a minimum temperature of 40 degree F (5 degree C) for 24 hours before installing. This temperature should be maintained during the installation.
  • Please take care in transporting plastic slats. Do not expose the slats to excessive force such as impacts.
  • Workers should take care to walk on the slats where there are wood or metal frame supports present.
  • Replace any broken slats immediately.