PLS 2400 MR4 LED Dimmer


PLS 2400 MR4 LED Dimmer

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2400 watt digital light dimmer compatible with all dimmable LED bulbs.

The PLS-2400 STD digital light dimmer offers precise control over LED lighting systems. This dimmer maintains low end control to provide super low light levels and strong lamp re-ignition. Precise lighting control smooths out dimming issues including flickering, flashing, swirling and drop out. Compatible with house controllers with a 0-10 volt dc output for light dimmers.

Features & Benefits:
• 4 Dimmers in 1: L1-L2-L3-L4
• Twin Outputs: A & B
• Environmentally Sealed
• Lightning Resistant
• “One Shot” light for easy carcass removal
• 120V 60Hz
• 2400 watt (1200w per channel)



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