Bait Station Aegis


Bait Station Aegis

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Aegis™ Mouse Bait Stations provide more rodenticide capacity and convenient placement flexibility for vertical or horizontal mounting. The design allows for two blocks of rodenticide to be safely secured inside. The see-through tunnel entices mice to enter and feed. Available in a clear lid model with rotating hinges or an economical solid black model with living hinge.

Note: Designed for use with Liphatech® (Boothill™, Hombre™ & Gunslinger™) mini blocks) ONLY. Regular sized blocks/chunx will NOT fit in this station.

Features & Advantages:

  • Easy and fast to service
  • Easy-open lid allows for quick replacement of rodenticides
  • Solid black lid model has a living hinge for lower costs
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Anchoring holes for securing the station to floors, walls or pipes
  • Includes key

Dimensions: 5 1/2″ L x 4 5/16” W x 1 5/8” H
Weight: 8 oz


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