Rodent Bait Hombre Mini Blocks 20#


Rodent Bait Hombre Mini Blocks 20#

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Hombre™ is a unique, single-feed anticoagulant specially formulated to be very palatable to rats and mice. Difethialone is formulated at 25 PPM (parts per million, nearly undetectable by rodents. Packaged in easy-to-carry, resealable containers for maximum freshness and palatability. Mini blocks are .75 oz each.


  • Whole grains combined with less wax and dye contributes to the great taste
  • One 3/4 oz mini-block can control up to 53 mice
  • Notably effective for roof rat control
  • Flexible formulations to meet various baiting needs
  • Contains Vitamin Kı Antidote,  same as all other anticoagulants
  • Authorized for rodent control in federal inspection programs
  • Cost effective, more placements per container

Contents: 20 lb pail of [450] 0.75 oz Mini-Blocks

Active Ingredient: Difethialone

Bait Color: Tan

Mode of Action: Second-Generation Anticoagulant

Effectiveness Time Frame: 4-5 Days


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