Microbe-Lift / AOE-P 1 Gallon


Microbe-Lift / AOE-P 1 Gallon

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MICROBE-LIFT®/AOE-P utilizes biotechnology to maintain a cleaner, healthier environment for poultry houses and yards. Poultry manure is very high in nitrogen content, a factor which leads to the emission of high concentrations of ammonia when litter becomes increasingly fouled. As a result, toxic concentrations of ammonia can build up in poultry houses. Typically, ventilation is utilized to remove ammonia requiring additional heat to replace heat loss. • Reduces atmosphere ammonia concentration and associated toxicity by reducing ammonia gas generation for manure in litter
• Improves health and increases poultry production rate
• Provides utility cost savings
• Reduces odors
• Accelerates degradation of litter wastes
• Increases the nutrient value of the litter for composting
• Effective on all types of poultry waste
• Reduction of ammonia emission from chicken manure by MICROBE-LIFT AOE-P
• Convenient to apply. Simply dilute and spray on litter
• Effective Temperature Range: Application: 45°-95° F; Storage: 32°-100° F


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